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1. Lock and Unlock Computer.

Flash disk can be used as a “key” to lock and unlock your computer device. As in a fictional movie, you simply mecolokkan flash disk to open, and when the flash disk unplugged it instantly PCs will be automatically locked (locked).
To use this function, you must install an application called Predator. Fitus hidden flash will act like a lock Function manual windows, only if you use the flash disk you need not bother entering a keyword. Applications can be downloaded from predators

2. Connect to a Wi-Fi network quickly

Flash disk it can be used to connect (connect) computer to a Wi-Fi quickly as soon as possible without having to enter a keyword (password) repeatedly. This is possible because Windows has a feature that can store the name of the Wi-Fi networks that have been used. Then you can save the data in the flash disk by clicking the wireless icon – right-click the Wi-Fi you just used – properties. Note the Connection tab, click Copy this network profile to a USB Flash drive – click Next, then once windows will copy the configuration and profile settings to the flash disk.
For use on another computer, plug the flash drive and double click the setup file SNK.exe the network profile will be installed and the computer is ready to be connected.
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3. Improve computer speed

Flash disk can also be used to improve the performance kmputer slow. With the help of an application called ReadyBoost. If the performance of the hard disk is much slower than Flah disk, ReadyBoost will read the cache files that are opened from a flash drive, that can increase computer speed.

4. Installing portable webserver

Have a web server that can be taken to where the where of course exciting, that’s what you can do with a flash disk. Because flash disk can be used for portable web server. by installing server2go on flash disk, you can run a web server quickly on any computer without having to install it again. If you are a web developer, this course will be very helpful because you can make presentations anywhere with a web server in your pocket. To download the application server

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